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When you have something embarrassing, saddening, hurtful, and/or compromising typed up to text someone and you just can't send it.
guy#1: I tried to break up with my girlfriend with a text and I just couldn't send the text.

guy#2: Sounds to me like you've got a bad case of textipation.
by JD-AK August 27, 2008
When a text on your cell phone won't go throw, as in becoming constipated.
"Why didn't you reply to my message last night?"
-- My phone had textipation last night, sorry.
by funkylilwhitegrl November 07, 2007
The condition of having too many text messages locked or saved on one's cell phone, keeping the memory capacity maxed out at 90% or greater at all times.
My cell phone has textipation from locking all of my boyfriends messages, I'm going to have to get a new phone or start deleting them.
by ***L.A.*** March 12, 2009
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