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a conversion in which you spend all day describing what you are doing and when the conversion ends with the person you have been texting all day and a short while later they text to see what you are doing.
"This girl is so weird i spend all day texting her and she just sent me a textecho!"
by Joshulove October 02, 2009
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A text, that the longer it goes unanswered, the louder it rings in awkwardness.
'So how about that massage?? ;)' text echoed for a week.
by sixstringer June 21, 2014
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the arrival of a text message as one is simultaneously calling the recipient
Fred had the burning desire to call Marge. He texted her, then seconds later, called her. As she answered the phone, the text message from Fred arrived. "Is this a 'text echo'?" she asked.
by comas October 14, 2008
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