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a textual escapade; a wild and oftentimes illicit text message episode through a series of text messages
My phone was blowing up last night! I had a textcapade with three drunk chicks
by Xhausted_RBM March 17, 2009
The act texting an entire conversation between two people.
After me and my boyfriend's lengthy "textcapade" last night, we are now officially broken up.
by travelchick May 06, 2010
a texting conversation that is more exciting than a regular one, due to the content of the conversation or the misspelling of words. Can be enhanced by alcohol or weed.
Check out this textcapade I had with Marc last night; he was so drunk!
by Charlotte Lewis May 10, 2009
Enhanced, enlightened emotions expressed through communication by text message. To have a text message conversation with the imtimacy of a face to face conversation.
I couldnt see my girlfriend that night, so we texted each other all night how much we love each other. I'll never forget those Textcapades. Breathtaking.
by LakeHouseLove September 02, 2010
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