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Perfection itself.

Often used by the team from Spaced in their DVD commentaries to point out their own genius.

Has come to be replaced by the term fried gold.
See the way she delivered that line - the was textbook.
by Lambchops November 30, 2004
When posting on an internet forum in accordance with proper/recognised posting etiquette.
Kevo...that was textbook
by toppity November 15, 2009
Euphemism for recreational marijuana; used when you want to have a conversation about weed in front of any audience;
You: Hey man, wanna read some textbooks after class? I just bought 2 pages
Friend: Nice! Let's get all knowledged up
by bassiibear November 20, 2010
A place to draw crazy shit on school property, be warned, if u put ur name in, chances are someone will put is a faggot after it.
John wuz here------------> John is a fucking douche bag cunt faggot
-text book
by yourr m0m April 17, 2008
A very long, exceptionally boring "book," used for teaching and torture. Usually on a subject along the lines of math, history and science. Often heavy.
Dude, my history textbook takes up so much room in my backpack!
by studybudy June 13, 2008
piece of shit that you are required to carry around during school weighs at least 20 pounds
dude this text book is so heavy

i know it is a piece of shit!!!
by UA gurl November 23, 2005
When you know something like that would happen to them or they are just plain predictable. It is called being a textbook whatever there name is.
*Samer gets put in varsity wrestling and gets slammed by this big guy with a 'stache and fractures his clavicle*

Jordan:Textbook Clavicle

Alex:Textbook Samer, what a schlock!

Samer: Shut up textbook Alex, you are the schlock here!
by SuperClavicleMan December 24, 2010
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