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The act of copying a large block of text, often something with dense academic language, such as college papers, and pasting it into a chat function, often without provocation.
Joe: Hey man, what's up?

Steve: We sought to extend instrument validation research for the Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders (SSBD) (Walker & Severson, 1990) using convergent validation techniques. Associations between Critical Events, Adaptive Behavior, and Maladaptive Behavior indices of the SSBD were examined in relation to syndrome, broadband, and total scores of the Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist-Teacher's Report Form (TRF) (Achenbach, 2001). Both measures were conducted with 65 students with emotional disturbance in grades 6 through 12. Overall convergent validity of the SSBD and TRF was strong, particularly for TRF externalizing problems and associated syndromes. Results provide further support for use of the SSBD in the assessment of behavioral functioning of students with emotional disturbance and extend validation for use of this instrument with secondary students.

Joe: AAH! The hell!?

Steve: Gotcha. Text-slapped.

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by Stone the Mighty May 04, 2010
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A non-verbal chiding or tirade usually delivered via email or sms, often used to re-invigorate or re-align the recipient.
Bobby has not been pulling his weight recently so as his boss I sent him a textslap via company email.
by CapTim June 29, 2009
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when, usually in a facebook comment war, a person goes all out to diss the other competitor and show just how they are wrong in every way.
shit man, that was a textslap so hard it hurt me!
by eamonster December 23, 2010
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