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TextDillaPhobia- A very common disease. Most common among teenage girls at the age of 12 to 21. Symptoms include - OverTexting, Constantly holding a Cellular Phone, Loud Shreeking, And Much usage of the words, LOL, And OMG in public. If you or a friend has symptoms of or has TextDillaPhobia, Quickly, If they have a cell phone, Shove it down their throats and keep jabbing them in the ribs until their cell phone starts dropping calls.

This is a life threatning disease.It is a real disease. So do your part and help stop TextDillaPhobia.
FireFighter: Fire, Happened so rappidly in so many parts of town, We couldn't contain it.

Pedestrian: What are the causes of the fires?
FireFighter: We have come down to one conclussion,
Text-Dilla-Phobia. Casualtys are around 6 billion. All dead.
Pedestrian: OH GOD!! Have they Qaurtined the area yet?
FireFighter:We are trying, But at this rate, The whole Country might be at stake. This disease started out small in few teenagers...But now its spreading...TO ADULTS AND CHILDREN!!
Pedestrian: This is serious. We might have to nuke every city at the source of this Text-Dilla-Phobia.
by CrimsonJagwire November 12, 2010
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