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The act of starting a text message conversation, and then abandoning it after the other person has a chance to answer.
-"Dude, Bill committed a total text and run yesterday. He asked me about my ulcer, and then didn't reply for the rest of the night."

A: Hows it going? U enjoying that new bedspread? Hows Larry?
B: Good thanks! Larry's fine. How's life?
A: *never responds*
by J Ames June 08, 2013
When you text, message, or IM someone, then imediatly leave the room just so you're not around to see their reply. Often involves throwing your phone and leaving, going to bug random family member, and just wasting time until you grow enough balls to see what they said.
Andrew: So i texted her saying I needed some space.
Paul: How'd she take it?
Andrew: I dont know I had totext and run so that I didnt have to deal with that shit.
by Itsatrapboom123 March 05, 2011

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