A person who text messages someone non stop for a period of time to the point it becomes annoying to others around them because there phone rings with a new text message every 30 seconds.
Johns phone keeps on ringing with a new text message every so often, so Ryan asks him who he is Text Fucking.
by xMONOx November 17, 2006
Top Definition
The act of providing sexual connotations or inferences in the form of text.
"Did you see that email? That girl was text fucking the shit out of you."

"Read between the lines dude, she's definitely text fucking you."
by Johnny Two Tongue April 16, 2008
The act of texting a buddy or exgirlfriend while you are fucking someone els.
I was totally text-fucking when I sent you that text last night.
by immature922 May 15, 2009
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