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a guy goin out on date with his girl but they at home texting while the guy comes up with the places and situation
boy:hey wat u doin?
girl:nuthin just bored
boy:me 2 lets have a Text Date girl:sure y not

after the date

girl:i had a fun nite on da phone
guy:my pleasure
by REDBIRD7 May 11, 2010
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To date somebody just by texting
Yepp our first date was a text date we can't afford to go on a real date so we just text each other and had Sext after
by Not2btrusted April 29, 2012
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Arranging to text someone at a certain time.
Person 1: "Text me at 11 yeh?"
Person 2: "Yeh sure"

Later on in the day.....

Person 3: "Heyy"
Person 2: "Hey, Dont let me forget that I have a Text Date with Joe at 11"
by M.L.P November 09, 2008
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