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At the point where a text message is sent to someone there is an expectation to receive one back, this wait...usually long and painful is known as the "texpectation"
I really hate having texpectations sent on people, because if they don't answer me...I feel clearly ignored.

by Vromsky January 08, 2009
When you expect all your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone you know and ever will know, to be just as fast with text responses that you are.
Hey Bob, you never text me back! I guess I need to lower my texpectations.
by jessersdeal May 08, 2009
When some one is fully engaged in a tex conversation and is waiting for a reply
Dude my girlfriend is not texing me back !!!!

Man your wiped you got total texpectation
by david 30 April 05, 2009