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A texan liberal is a liberal with testicles. A person who is neither a wimpy, whiny person with no sense of integrity (ie Ted Kennedy), nor is a bible-thumping racist redneck dumbass (ie Rush Limbaugh), but is somewhere in the middle politically. A member of a dying breed of people who exercise intelligence in their political leanings.
I'm into social equality and help for those who need it, but if someone tries to hurt my family, I'm gonna fight back. Guess that makes me a Texan liberal
by Tex in Babylon May 09, 2006
These rare people live in Austin, Texas - a bastion of liberal beliefs. Also home to the University of Texas, a notoriously liberal college.
"Haha look at that asshole in the cowboy hat, let's ridicule him" - Texan Liberal
by J-Dog123 April 18, 2007
An oxymoron. Everyone knows there no such thing as a liberal from Texas. Jeez.
Guy 1: Is that a Texan Liberal?
Guy 2: No.
by Hotadff January 28, 2006
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