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Tevian was an infamous pirate who was believed to have roamed the sea's during the late hours of the 21st century. According to historians and survivors of his presence, he was commonly known by the names; Tev Wack-talk for his presumably bad grammar and the mumbled tone i which he spoke, he was also known as back-track Tev because of his uncanny ability to say the wrong things and get slapped by women. Furthermore, Tev is incredible at the tactics of command and conquer, and is very talented in the fighting form of confusion. Though he was believed to have vanished from text books, his valiant stories or victory are told and retold through generations.
Woman: i hate being tickled
Tevian: right, then can i pickle you?
Woman: grrrr...
Tevian: you in a jar...and..uh....thats not what i meant
Woman: Go sit over there!
Tevian: but
Woman: GO!!
by sunnysideup15 July 11, 2010
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