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1. When one is fucked sexually four different ways

2. When one is fucked sexually by four different people.

3. When one is fucked four different ways in a situation

4. When one is playing tetris and almost wins, but then hits the wrong button at the last minute and fails.
1. Dude, last night Jeff totally tetrafucked me; anal, vag, mouth, and hands!

2. Dude, I got way too drunk at that party and me and 3 of my friends tetrafucked some guy.

3. Sorry I'm late, first I couldn't find my keys, then my car wouldn't start, then I missed the bus and then my sandal broke when I was walking. There was nothing I could do - I was totally tetrafucked.

5. Jill: YES! FINALLY! Here comes the long blue tetris bar thing! Now I can fill the empty spot and get a Tetris! AW DAMNIT I TOUCHED THE LEFT BUTTON. NOW I LOST. SON OF A BITCH MOTHER FUCKER....(etc.)

Bobby: What's wrong Jill?


Bobby: aw damn, that sucks.
by Sunshine_its_fine November 05, 2009
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