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The space left between men when sitting. Most often found in the empty chair between men at a theater. See also "gay buffer." Use testosterzone instead of "gay buffer" if you don't want to sound like a total nimrod.
A: can I sit by you?
B: Sure man, just leave a little testosterzone


those guys must be guymese twins, they are so close there's not even a little testosterzone.
by nosemilk August 06, 2010
2 Words related to Testosterzone
The place a guy goes when having a "discussion" with someone with whom he disagrees. Also the place his head goes when he gets behind the wheel of any vehicle.
Wife to a friend about her hubby's argument with a neighbor : "No, I can't get him to just drop it, he's in the testosterzone!"
Him -"Why can't any of these wusses drive like they have a pair?" Her- "Why don't I drive, honey. Wouldn't want you to be pulled over because you were in the testosterzone" Him "I could control myself better if all these ass-poles would just get out of my way!"
by cattybee June 29, 2015

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