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Spencer; The testicle powered roman warrior
"Testicleese grabbed his might Shwartz and smoted the bad dude"
by Booby November 05, 2004
A Deity from the on-line game RPG World Online. He is a benevolent gawd, helping the players while striking fear in cheaters and abusers.

Testicleese is named after the make-believe Roman god of Virility. In-game he is an avatar of a Guardian, a large, grey, round monster. This gives the appearance of a large grey testicle.
In-game, players affectionately refer to him as Testy.

Testicleese is the alternate player of Admin Grant, a beloved long-time admin of the game known for his compassion and even-handedness.
Testicleese cast HERO Other on Caligula for 60 bonus.
by RPGWO Lover August 29, 2009
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