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It is a derivation of the word 'asshole'. Closely linked to the 'askhole'. Maybe even the same guy...The 'testhole' loves to tell you about how he/she did on a test when you did not even ask them. They will freely give the information because they are confident that they have achieved a better score than you.
You: (thinking out loud and minding your own business) " Man, that fuckin sucks. I totally thought I'd do better on the test than that."
Testhole: ( lingering in your immediate area waiting for the moment to ask) "What's wrong? How'd you do?"
You: ( Not paying attention enough to recognize you are setting yourself up) "86."
Testhole: ( With heavy undertones of false modesty) "100. Sucks for you man. I didn't think the test was that hard." ( Smiles and walks away)
by Gunbunny31 February 05, 2009
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