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The act of tickling a person who is either conscious or not, with your testicles.
She was sleeping on my couch so I thought I would wake her up with the Test-Tickle.
#testicle #tickle #scrotum #balls #touch #skin
by Mattiusmaximus October 24, 2009
This is what you give your girlfriend or wife in order to find out if she's ticklish.
"Hey Joe! How do you find out of a girl is ticklish or not?"
"Give her a test-tickle"
"Ha, ha, ha, haaaa"
"ha, ha, ho, haaaaa, hooooo, ha"
"ha, ha, ha,ha"
"ha, ha"
#teste lauder perfume for men #oh those bulls balls were very testi - oops i mean tasty #hahahahaha #funny #testicle
by fatngassy May 09, 2007
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