Teryl is normally to define a gay kid with a high voice. Who for some reason thinks pink is a manly color when little girls wear it. Teryls are usually involved in Choir, Drama, and Gay Sex.
Teryl is used to describe people who like large objects in their butthole.

(P.S. you know that guy who all ways gets raped in prison? Thats Teryl.)
That guy is such a Teryl

Oh my god pink is totally fab. My name is Teryl.

Look at all those Teryls

(At a gay pride parade) Oh my god we are surrounded by Teryls!
by Zach Gray May 24, 2008
Finding a Female Teryl is a rare treasure. Teryl is a female name that represents a reliable and loyal friend. Teryl's like to plan ahead but easily adjust when situations change. They will be the first to help and the last one to leave a party to help clean. Female Teryl's have open-minds, but will not bend their own values. Teryl's are family grounded and tend to be the hostess with the mostess. Having a female Teryl as a friend will ensure there is always someone to count on. Although they have a good sense of humor (mostly filled with sarcasm), you won't find a more competitive person. You can count on her to be honest, even if it's brutal. They like to flirt and tease.
In trouble? where's a Teryl when you need one?

We have to be the best, Where's Teryl?

I need a friend to confide, I'll call Teryl.

Looking for an honest opinion? Call Teryl.
by Life is a beach May 26, 2010

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