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As bad as it becomes; the worst possible; a way of describing a negative event; amalgamation of terrible and horrid.
Your face is terrid.
by Jim "Superstarette" Bean November 10, 2006
Combination of 'Terrible' and 'Horrid' refering to a situation, event and reality which while terrible, evokes a level Horror, thus horrid.
That movie Gigli was TERRID!!! I now must shower.
by GlastonburyTim August 07, 2003
Terrid is to Terrible as Horrid is to Horrible. When something is Terrid it means that something is awful. As well as objects being Terrid sometimes situtations can also be Terrid.
That's f**kin'Terrid!
by DJ Bruja September 10, 2003
An adjective to describe something worse than terrible and horrid.
That woman's face is awfully terrid.
by BKDizz September 21, 2006
A mix between terrible and horrid
Everything is terrid. Especially secret life of the american teenager.
by Portonn June 15, 2011
Another version of "Shiavoed." When someone becomes so drunk they resemble Terri Shiavo. They are slightly responsive, slur their words, fall over, and are basically comatose.

Used as Terri, terri'd
"Looks like he took the train to Terri Town."

"Looks like he won the Terri award last night."

"She's so terri'd"
by Mikey I June 29, 2006
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