A game that's similar to Minecraft, but with worse graphics, 2D gameplay (yes, 2D still exists in the 21st century, though it shoudn't), and overall bad design. Not a very interesting game, but can get very addicting.
Other guy: Cmon, let's play some Terraria

Me: Why, so I can play Minecraft with less features and dimensions? No thank you.
by Terrazine September 18, 2011
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A game that includes platforming, rpg and hack n' slash elements. Some people think it is a rip-off of Minecraft.
Yo, champs and champettes, it's your boy Pbat and we are back with Terraria.
by Teh Diggi May 12, 2011
Awesome game that's kind of like a 2D-Minecraft but isn't.
Play it, play Minecraft, and you will never see daylight again.
Guy 1: Hey man, have you done anything in Minecraft lately?
Guy 2: Hell no, I've been playing a kick-ass game called Terraria.
by RedAnt May 20, 2011
Terraria is a 2d side-scrolling game with features similar to minecraft. Terraria includes randomly generated worlds, as well as Bosses . Unlike minecraft, Terraria takes more of a Fantasy tale turn by allowing potions, forms of magic, powerful swords, and abilities. The game is a "build-it-yourself" story line allowing you to make whatever you like from a broad range of craftable items.

The game includes stunning graphics, multiplayer, pvp settings as well as teams on servers.

Terraria was inspired by minecraft, and is not a copy.

If you need a cheaper substitute to minecraft, Terraria is your second option!
Mom: "Bobby have you been doing anything besides playing minecraft!?"
Robert: "Why yes mom...I have been playing Terraria too!"
Mom: "Ooh cool, gimme' a turn!"
*Hours Later*
Robert: "Mom is it my turn yet?"
by McJockman July 02, 2011
Quite possibly the best indie game of 2011, Terraria is a very addicting platformer with many Hack 'n Slash and RPG elements.

It bears many similarities to Minecraft, but offers so much more in terms of content. Terraria has meteorites, goblin invasions, bosses and character progression, among other things.
Finn: Dude, I haven't seen you on the Minecraft server for a few weeks now, what's up?

Jake: Yeah sorry, I've been playing this epic game called Terraria. It's kinda like 2D Minecraft, but with content. We should totally play together sometime.

Finn: Sounds interesting, I might pick it up when I see it for sale on Steam.
by The Cow King January 07, 2012
An indie (independent) game made by Re-Logic and can currently can be bought on Steam for 9.99$US. Despite it's lack of reality, it's the second-best game next to Minecraft. With over one million copies sold, this game is the bomb! I love it so much! For people who think Terraria's a rip-off of Minecraft, you're very wrong. Terraria is actually based off the game, and does Minecraft have mana, chainsaws, hammers, goblin invasions, meteorites, and useful NPC's? NO. Terraria is highly addictive and it'll be your 2# next to Minecraft! :D
Jo: Hey, what'cha playing?
Me: Terraria.
Jo: That game's a rip-off of Minecraft, it's graphics suck.
Me: Your a rip-off, and Terraria has really cool mobs and weapons. As much as I love Minecraft, I love it as much as Terraria.
Jo: Sounds interesting, can I play?
Me: Sure.

*5 hours later

Me: Ok, can I play now?
Jo: No, I'm beating the dungeon boss!
by HalloP November 25, 2011
A Steam game that everyone thinks is a 2D Minecraft rip-off, yet it came first.
Me: Terraria came before Minecraft...
Minecraft Fanboy: TURN OFF YOUR HACKS N00B
by Crixalis the Sand King December 07, 2014
A 2-D game created by companies Re-logic and 505-Games, it involves aspects much like the indie game 'Minecraft' and some beleive it to be a cheap copy of Minecraft.
I like the game, 'Terraria'
by I like cake. June 29, 2015
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