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Terracotta Pie is reference to a vagina in the System of the down song "vacinity of obcinity".
Banana banana Terracotta Pie.
#teracota #terracota #terecota #teracotta #tera
by coolhandluc February 07, 2006
it is a reference to Asian vagina
I love to eat my Japanese girlfriends terracotta pie.
#asian pussy #asian cunt #chinese vagina #japanese vagina #thai vagina #any asian vagina
by Tom Gordon November 03, 2006
a new and exciting in-depth sexual act that will also get revenge on your rude and/or obnoxious in-laws. This is executed by taking your significant other up onto a terracotta roof, proforming anal sex, ejaculating into your said partners anus, and then letting the semen drip out of their anus and onto a banana creme pie. you must do this in the month of May, because you will want to save the pie in the freezer for 6 months, letting the semen ferment into a nice hearty garnish. after your long storage time, serve it to his/her in-laws at Thanksgiving

*note*-drinking pineapple juice for a week before performing Terracotta Pie will make the semen taste sweeter, and therefore, easier to blend into the flavors of the banana creme pie
In-laws-"mmmm, this pie is DELICIOUS!"

You-"Yes, its a special recipe that me and your daughter/son made"

In-laws-"whats it called?"

You-"Terracotta Pie"
#sex act #sex #joop #anal sex #revenge
by RedHorse June 16, 2009
A mixture of human excrement and semen which oozes from the anal sphincter due to its colloidal consistency. Terracotta pies can be performed on wither males or females and are especially pleasant when the liquid bubbles from the anal crevice.
Dude, i just gave this bitch a terracotta pie and she bubbled out some brown goo which i then snowballed back into her mouth!
#teracota #terracota #terecota #teracotta #teracotta pie
by Da Buddha June 06, 2007
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