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An absolutetly gorgeous person. Someone who is so amazingly beautiful its almost physically impossible. Its sickening for her own good.
jeez that Tenzin makes me sick!

dude1:DADA...DAMN... check her out...
dude 2: eh.. must be a TENZIN
dude3: damn straight!
dude1: I need to use the restroom.

wow..what a sight...I feel ill, must be the TENZIN effect.
by hottie mchottie March 12, 2010
Lot of tibetan people have Tenzin as their first name, it's a name given by His Holiness The 14th Dalai lama. It is not a family name. Therefore all the TENZINs' are not related.

The name Tenzin is considered as blessed from His Holiness The 14th Dalai lama, because that's his middle name.
Tenzin dolma, Tenzin Tsering, Tenzin dolkar, Tenzin pema etc.
by dhasa_gal August 04, 2011
Fairly common Tibetan name.
Original name is given to the Dalai Lama.
The current Dalai Lama is named Tenzin Gyatso.
So all the young generation of Tibetans share the same First name "Tenzin" regardless of whether you are male or female.
So you don't call a Tibetan by their first name but by their last
A: Hey Tenzin!
Tenzin Dolma: Don't call me Tenzin... call me Dolma.
by TenzinD August 04, 2011
A popular girl who went to my school. Beautiful beyond words, incredibly kind and nice. Selfless and super hot, she's a great listener and My wife.
Guy 1: Damn that chick is hot

Guy 2: Looks like a TENZIN bro
Guy 3: That's my wife
by chazinzbear December 03, 2014
A very tanned tibetan girl.
A girl who took a physics class in high school.
A boy-crazy girl.
Tenzin is so crazy brown.
by Highschoolsucks May 04, 2009
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