Any of a vast assortment of wise sayings and facts that are held only by Tenors (the uppermost men's voice in a choral ensemble). It is revealed only to those in the choral world that the tenors themselves feel worthy.
John Doe revealed to the alto section some incredible tenorisms that blew them away with his supreme wisdom.
by Nick Andrew October 19, 2007
Top Definition
The practise of terrorizing your surroundings with a very hich pitch voice
Al quaida was a well known tenorist
by Gunnar Øyro August 05, 2004
A noun, originated in late 21st century America, in a small NY suburb. Anything that is contained under the category of a tenor statement or idea, which generally proclaim tenors as gods, as we all know them to be.
"A choir without a tenor is like a car without a muffler. You can pretend not to notice, but in the end, you know it's driving you up the wall." This statement is a Tenorism.
by The Legendary Tenor December 16, 2002
It is the study to be a perfect tenor, which is the best part in the entire choir section. If one is of Tenorism, he is perfect and without blemish in the music world that so needs to be influenced by the perfectness of Tenorism.
That not you sang was almost Tenorism
by Tenor of Blend-Kevin March 16, 2004
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