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1.the flying dragon
2.a really swag out guy
3.has a long penis about 17 inches
4.He is the god of awesome and tightness
5.Is very fast as fast as a cheetah even faster
6. is most handsome guy i the world
by n n August 28, 2014
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1. lame
2. disorder linked with lack of punani
3. uncontrollable urge to punch yourself in the gonads because you come to the realization you're so fucking worthless you dont deserve to procreate
4. don't take control of the situation and just start yelling loudly to be heard
5. there are many different forms of the word such as:
Teng (noun)
Tengish (adjective)
Tenged (adjective)
6. you suck that badly that there's no other words to describe the magnitude of suckiness
You get Tenged up when you lose many consecutive times at the game of 13 and have to deal most of the time.

You got Tenged when you were running around trying to find a condom when 3 of your friends were a phone call away.

Quit being such a Teng, you're so damn lame.
by Teng March 06, 2008
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to have sex in all holes at the same time
i did all the tengs to olivia last night
by the teng maker April 18, 2011
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the invisible asian samurai that was once a poop smith, every chinese new years he comes out at midnight and attacks poor innocent children and steals their money. teng once lived as a rich king but then died of being with to many beautiful girls.
Beware children or Teng will come and eat you then steal your money.
by Matt December 09, 2004
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Alternative way of saying 'Thing'. Closely related to 'ting'.
Badman 1: You see that football teng pon the TV last night?
Badman 2: Nah man, was watching Eastenders.
by jaytee8 July 02, 2011
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