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A stunning young woman with style and grace, always gets handed the raw end of the deal but comes out the other side better off and happpier, Every guy wants a shot with her and If they are lucky enough will find a match made in heaven!

She's everyone's type and a HOTTY!
Telia - The Sex Bomb
by 123gggrrreeess February 03, 2010
Telia has an amazing personality one that everyone looks forward too. Everyone misses her when she's not around. Strangers want to know her the minute she walks in a room. Everyone wants to be around her cause she lightens up the mood and cheers you up with something hilarious. Shes very very funny and rejects people who don't love America. She's naturally pretty.Shes brilliant, very smart and guys are afraid to admit they have a thing for her. Her friends admire her and her crazy-ness. She's is definitely not afraid to be different and at times her crazy-ness doesn't seem to have a limit.Despite all the wonderful things she is, Telia is always loved.
Telia: "God Bless You"
by FancyPants January 17, 2013
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