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A combination of the words "telepathic" and "wrath" into a cleverly fitting play on "telepath". Telewrath refers to a silent but fervent bitching out of someone that probably doesn't even know you're mad at them. If someone has done something to offend you and you are not willing to invest the time to confront them about it, you are most likely going to do some telewrath- cussing them out, getting in their face, showing them you're really pissed off... but all without actually saying anything to them. It is generally hoped that telewrath will be picked up on and the person at whom the telewrath is directed will, of his or her own initiative, right the wrong they have committed. Unfortunately, it hardly ever works out that way.
Goddamnit, Jason. If you could only feel my telewrath... *scowl*
by Megsi October 21, 2005
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