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A small town deep inside the slums of Rockaway NJ. The average day of a telemark native would be to wake up and occasionally rip a few Geebs or smoke an occasional blunt. Eventually the bar down the street opens and everyone gets smashed. The telemark air is dangerous to breathe in unless you have been a telemarker since you were born.Otherwise the air will kill your lungs. The lake can cause one to disintegrate if entered. The majority of teens there like to get stoned all day everyday and are considered scum to other parts of Rockaway. Parents are usually drunks who think that they can party like they used to in high school and don't give a fuck what there kids do
Im going to Telemark NJ to rip some danky Geebs and get fuckin cooked.
by Birchwood j scheezy March 21, 2011
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