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An adolescent or young adult who is sexually attracted only to mature adults; someone who wishes for age disparity in the relationship, usually in favor of a young female and older male. This differs from Gerontophilia.
Jane, who is 18 years old, is romantically attracted only to men in their thirties, forties or fifties. She is a teleiophile.
by J1710 January 17, 2010
Expressing an attraction towards adults, it is a "philia" and is classed in the same boat as "homophilia" and "pedophilia" - which the APA did try to take out of their "Mental Illnesses" recently .
Graham is a womaniser (re: predator), who seduces (re: grooms) women to have sex (read abuse) with him every night .

Hes such a teliophile
by The Scotch Piglet October 05, 2004