A telecentre is a public place where people can access computers, the Internet, and other digital technologies that enable people to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others while they develop essential 21st-century digital skills.
While each telecentre is different, their common focus is on the use of digital technologies to support community, economic, educational, and social development—reducing isolation, bridging the digital divide, promoting health issues, creating economic opportunities, and reaching out to youth for example. Telecentres exist in almost every country, although they sometimes go by different names (e.g., village knowledge centers, infocenters, community electronic centers (CeCs), community multimedia centers (CMCs), multipurpose community telecentres (MCTs), Common/Citizen Service Centres (CSCs), or school-based telecentres).
People goes to telecentre and gets government service forms in Bangladesh.
by sohel morshed July 14, 2008

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