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when you and one or many of your home boys are txting each other about a show whilst all partici-pants watching the same show and txting each other on what just happened.
Guy 1- yo dude you watching the biggest loser all these fat asses are jiggilin
Guy 2 - yeah man im vomiting we r tele texting so much lately
guy1- yeah i know i pretty much invented it
by boobies_love March 25, 2009
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a word occasionally used by old people/ clueless people. What they actually mean is 'Texting' - ie to send a text message.

Or, occasionally used as a term for 'chatting' on-line.
Out of touch with reality person:
"Oh, i can't be doing with all these young people teletexting all the time. Why can't they just pick up the phone and have a conversation like we used to in the good old days."
by fruddyLovely February 25, 2010
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