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The National Senior Zionist Leadership Camp of Young Judea. The best Jew camp in upstate New York. But really, this is where all the horniest and hottest young Jews of America and Canada, Europe, Israel, and even Australia come to get it on early and often. The place of many firsts...and seconds...and thirds...and so on. There is so much hooking up, in fact, that the boys have developed a point system to keep score of their conquests.
Typical Conversation at Tel Yehudah:

Adam: Yo did you get some from Sarah tonight???

Zach: You know it. We have to have a bunk meeting tonight and decide how many points I get for that hookup
by YJ4Life June 10, 2010
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The National Senior Zionist Leadership Camp of Young Judea. Short name is TY. It's the best Jew camp in upstate New York and also the most sexually-oriented camp on the east coast and one of the top five in the country. This is the place where many jews get it on for the first time and many more. The hottest and horniest young jews come here and there is so much hooking up. Also nicknamed Hook-Up Island.
Ian: Max, who did you hook up with tonight? Did you get past hooking up?

Max: I hooked up with Leah for like two hours.

Adam: Did you get any this past session at Tel Yehudah Josh?

Josh: Yeah dude I felt up like 3 girls and got head from one .. oh and I forgot how many I made out with .. I stopped counting after 30.
by jwerblr October 21, 2010
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