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Teioh is the name of the black Chocobo you race against at Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy 7. The rider's name is Joe.
Speed: 119km
Stamina: 1043
by booogs November 02, 2006
The single-handed most epic man on Earth, just right next to Chuck's and Mr. T's side as a sidekick, just only as an insane as Game Joker!
Chuck Norris: You will come with me and roundhouse kick his *Bleep* Teioh
by Mr. Bombman April 10, 2010
Teioh is the rider of the only black npc Chocobo in Final Fantasy 7. He has a fancy hat.
There are no examples for Teioh
by AdamDfromspain August 07, 2006
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