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Makes very childish and unoriginal "humor" videos, adding to the already big problem of little immature kids overtaking Runescape. Got banned from Youtube twice for using bots/programs to boost his ratings/views and is doing it again.

Since Tehnoobshows presence practically all of the well known video makers have stopped making videos, or make them a lot less often. His unfunny, childish videos have brought the community to an all time low, where people don't even want to make videos anymore.
*Random person walks by*
Tehnoobshow: Noob I own You!
*Sees a shield on the floor*
Tehnoobshow: Oh My God a bronze shield!

Comedy Gold...
by Sweetcorn Giant March 19, 2009
A great Runescape video maker, very popular on many video sites such as YouTube. Although his YouTube account has been banned countless times, he still continues to create amazing, hilarious videos. ^_^
TehNoobShow pwns. XD
by xJaneDoex July 18, 2008
An awesome runescape video maker that posts really funny videos on youtube. His main character is named bob, he's a hobo, and he's bald. it's real funny.
*bob walks into varrock square*
(TehNoobShow)Bob: Free stuff pl0x!
3 hours later.....
Bob: Dancing for money!
by pierocks166 April 17, 2010