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The quasi-PC purported correct name of Tigger, the character from Winnie the Pooh.
Eeyore defended his use of terminology: "it is NOT archaic and definitely not cause for concern amongst educated people . . . Winnie and I both contribute to the United Tegro College Fund, so there . . ."
by Anal Canoe & Tyler Too January 18, 2013
noun- a tegro is a white male that belongs to the gang " tegros or tejeros" they smoke Marlboro Red 100's and only the best bud around. Whenever they fight they attack in a pack and use weapons such as bone saws, monkey wrenches, cheese graters and other deadly objects.
holy fuck look at that guy. he has a wrench in his back pocket and a pack of reds in his shirt pocket. that kid is a sure tegro.
by young tegro June 13, 2011
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