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My amazing bestfriend who is caring, supportive, trust worthy and my biffleheadwifeyforlifey. She's beautiful just like her name, she is short, hyper, amazing and perfect. You can trust her with anything and no one and I mean no one is more perfect than her :)
"Hey you're just like Tegan.."
by Wifeywholovesyoutegs October 08, 2011
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Beautiful. Stunning. AMAZING!

An Irish name, translating exactly to 'beautiful'.
Person 1: Hey, that girls name is Tegan.
Person 2: That would be why she is so stunningly beautiful.
by hotstuffinsmokingpants April 07, 2011
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The greatest friend anybody could ask for. Brilliant, hilarious, clever, witty, confident, caring, responsible, and beautiful.
Tegan: "Poookyy, I'm hooorrrnny"
by Bronwyn February 16, 2004
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a beautiful smart and funny woman, loves animals and dreams for a kind sweet honest man to be her angel and save her.
Tegan Tegan Tegan
by and angel April 21, 2009
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Irish Celtic name meaning "beautiful". Imagine a beautiful red haired blue eyed Irish girl. Gorgeous and fiery, this girl will break the boys hearts unintentionally with her inner and outer beauty. She will take care of herself with her strong will and stubborn red head ways.
Tegan is a girl you havent met yet, but long to. Tegan is correctly pronounced TEH-GUN or TAY-GUN, but is commonly mispronounced as TEE-GUN. Some prefer to pronounce it TEE-GUN, but that is incorrect traditionally.
by V.A.L. July 18, 2008
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1. A hot doctor who character
2. Some sexy female with doe like beautiful
3. One of those chicks that is so fine your balls explode
Crap, my balls just exploded after seeing that totaly fine female with doe like beautiful. Man what a Tegan!
by Tegan Surd December 25, 2007
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An Irish-Gaelic girl's name meaning "young doe". Possibly made popular in the 1980's by a female character, Tegan Jovanka, from the British Sci-fi series "Doctor Who", resulting in several women from their teens to 20's with that name (as of 2007).
Dad in checkout lane 1: "Did you just call your kid Tegan?"
Dad in checkout lane 2: "yah, why?"
Dad in checkout lane 1: "Doctor Who?"
Dad in checkout lane 2: "You know it!"
Dad in checkout lane 1: "I grok, man".
(followed by both dads giving Vulcan or Orkan hand sign)
by Grafikman October 09, 2007
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