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A blogging site where entries, comments, icons, and more are all hand drawn/written.

More addicting than it sounds.

My name there is Heaven hint hint nudge nudge wink wink fudge fudge
Person1: SO, did you see that entry that person did on Tegaki E with that HUGE rant?
Person2: Which one? There's so many!

#addicting #awesome #blogging #epic #rp
by CLAIREEEEEEEEEEEEE February 09, 2009
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A blogging site that uses user-drawn images in lieu of text posts and icons. The drawing interface Tegaki provides is very simple, with just a canvas to work with, a paint tool, a limited palette, settings for the opacity and brush size, and the browser's ability to zoom in and out.

While a first-time user might find him or herself whacking his or her head on the table after looking at the ridiculous art featured on the main page and subsequently failing horribly at drawing something, practice makes perfect!

(however you may or may not be sucked into an endless spiral of addiction to this site)
-I swear, I will never be able to figure out how to draw on Tegaki E.

-Draw more slowly, zoom in and out, and shut up.

- ...ok
#blogging #fun #awesome #interesting #art
by asdfjkl;blah December 22, 2012
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