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There are about 2 types of teenagers:

1. Your clean cut "nice" teenagers. These teenagers act more like young ladies and gentlemen, have a job, are involved in some sport or hobby, get good grades, love MTV, read Seventeen magazine like it is the Bible, and their whole life is centered around that prom and getting their drivers license. They like to listen to the latest pop hits and idolize teen idols. These are the ones that are probably going to end up like successful adults.

2. Your rebellious "misunderstood" teenagers. These are the ones that are hitting the parties, having sex, being involves with drugs, drinking, pot, gangs, start a band, spend some time in juvvi, and the media makes a big deal out of them. They may appear hopeless, but they have experience the "real world" faster than the ones that are the "goody goody" prom going teenagers, which their lives center around high school and the mall. Many of them change to be successful adults as well.
Teenagers are different in many ways, but they all grow up eventually.
by kyster23 May 13, 2011
fuck off and leave us alone
fully grown: 'Eewww teenagers: wat a bunch of horny retards.'
by peAChyKitten October 05, 2010
A human like creatures, that causes mischief.
The groups of teenagers, tagged the building. Said the police officer.
by mujahidul May 25, 2008
teenagers are someone between the ages of 13 and 20, roughly. not all teenagers are bad, sure some of us are idiots, we simply have alot more to life than we think and some of us are misunderstood, and with all these jackass middle age adults complaining about teenagers because they cant tell the difference between real music and monkey screeching, life is harder for us. Some of us will get somewhere in life if we wake up soon enough to realise whats going on around us
all u shitbags online posting bad defs about how teenagers are terrible are probably just 40 50 heck maybe even 70 year old grannys cause you hate the youth cause ur a douche,
by bob mckob December 19, 2007
One between the ages of 13 and 19.9. Most of them wish to drop out of school, have underage sex, become lazyasses, and remain stupid for the rest of their lives. I'm not saying all of them are like this, though. I'm 14 and am absolutely not like this.
About 90% of all teenagers are dumbasses.
by dj gs68 July 23, 2003
1.7 grams of cocaine, or half an eightball.
John:"Hey lets buy an eightball of that bomb white"
Mike:"Nahh man we don't have enough cash, we'll have to get a teenager"
by Texmasterpaul September 19, 2007
1. A human between the ages of 13 and 19.

2. The reason why the Internet is a cultural wasteland.
1. Billy is 16 years old. Billy is a teenager.

2. "Hai im billy lol this is mai Xanga I want errebody 2 read my XANGA bcause i ma cool cuz I ply CSS an im fukkin gooD WIT the AK and i got A GiRlFrIeNd nd we Kis all th TIme OLOL bUt Im hellA depresD An D the Wo RLd Fukkin suxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!"
by The Glock March 09, 2006