Teenager(s) -

Humans between the age of 13 and 19 who are to young for commitment, but to old for games.
My teenager daughter decided to join the volleyball team, but dropped out after I paid the fees, because she couldn't commit to it.
by Eponyms April 15, 2014
Teenager: (noun) When you're too young to do half the things you want to do and too old for the other half.
The visit is not an inspection; a teenagers bedroom is a teenager's bedroom!

In the language of today's teenager, he was cool.
by just another girl February 19, 2013
if your between the ages 14 and 20 your considered a teenager.if your 11,12 or 13 your a pre-teen.

below 11 your just a kid

im 15 so im a teenager.
by imsocool93 November 10, 2007
Someone who is confused 24/7, has no idea what s/he wants to do with his/her life, is probably doing something really stupid right now because of their confusion, is ungrateful, moody, self-centered, and is either really self-conscious or really arrogant. Teenagers are confused because they question everything the see or hear, and they can't figure out what to believe, and what’s wrong or right. Some ways that adults can help teenagers through this rough time is 1) remembering what it felt like to be a teenager and relating their experiences to that of the teenager, 2) listening to what the teenager has to say instead of figuring that their opinions aren't valid, 3) letting them know that the adult cares about them and that the adult would do anything to make their hardships disappear, and, 4) by being as understanding as possible, no matter how ungrateful, stupid, and self-centered the teenager acts. Some ways that a teenager can be healthy and happy is 1) just being YOURSELF; stop acting the way “everyone else” is and do things because you think they are the right thing to do, not because somebody else said they are the right thing to do, 2) by mentally saying “Fuck you” to whoever steps on you and tries to tell you that you are worthless, and just moving on, 3) by being practical and not so impulsive, and keeping in mind that its normal to have intense sexual desire and intense confusion, and that acting on pure impulses is self-destructive and will not necessarily make you happy, 4) by keeping in mind that its OKAY if you don’t know what you want to do with your life right away; it will come naturally, so don’t force it or you will probably get frustrated, 5) by remembering that although many adults will try to manipulate you, that doesn’t mean you can’t trust any of them. Search for the ones you think you can trust, and let them give you advice, and, 6) by not taking life too seriously; laughing often and trying to use your inner wisdom to get you through this hellish thing we call life.

I hope this will help you and that it is somewhat valid; I’m 16 years old, so if you are a teenager, know that we are in this together even though I don’t know you. Peace.
I really hope that I am not a stereotypical teenager.
by You Shall Never Know January 06, 2007
The quantity 1.75 grams of cocaine.
How much blow should we get, man?

A teenager.
by Theresa March 06, 2005
A teenager is 1.75 grams of meth or coke, i.e., half an eight-ball. It's called a teenager because there are 16 in 28 grams (an ounce).
You wanna buy the eight ball or the teenager?
by dadeal May 20, 2009
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