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Person who can' t keep her legs shut.
My cousin is only 17 years old is a teen mom and she is the proud owner of three brats, she has no hope or future, she has a low paying job at Boston market and relies heavily on welfare.
by Animalzap August 22, 2009
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A reality show that features the life and times of teen aged women that had children at a young age...Most (thankfully not all) are nothing but lazy-assed rancid party sluts that don't realize what planet they reside on, let alone the fact that they have children...
Did you see Teen Mom last night? The bitch featured was a loser...
by Graffilthier March 09, 2011
a whore
intelligent person: look at you ya whore, couldn't keep em crossed huh
teen mom: shut up the condom broke!
intellient person: ya ya thats what they all say
by C.J Johnson December 06, 2010
A Female adolescent that has had a child
"Freya's just become a teen mom because of ralph!"
by T.P April 26, 2006
Where the girl is taking it like a champ on her back, and just as the guy is about to go, he punches her directly in the stomach, and simultaneously blows it inside of her.
Bill: "Hey Tom! Did you hook up with Sally last night?"

Tom: "You bet i did! I Teen Mom'd her skank ass too!"

Bill: "You're the gnarliest dude i know."
by missawoss March 09, 2011
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