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Sluttiest children's special in television history. The abomination of awards shows and the most overrated.

Teens don't even watch. Children do.
It's not even their choice. The choice is Miley's and the Jonas Brothers'. And they suck.
Therefore, the awards are nothing but novelty.
You will die of ripping your own head off if you watch the Teen Choice Awards.
by Smart American Male August 10, 2009
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Kid's Choice Awards 2.0. Ages 5 - 8. Created by FOX. A rigged, scripted, unofficial awards show presenting fake awards to very "special" child celebrities who set bad examples to children of older or equal age, mostly to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. They use laugh tracks to make it even more stupider.
Smart celebrity nominated for an award: I think I am too old for the Teen Choice Awards. I am not even going to attend, like I give a shit if I win one.
by Smart American Male March 22, 2009
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