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An internet famous queen that is perfect and lovely in every way and everyone loves him!!!
Teejsparkles? You mean that hilarious boy on twitter
by Notteejsparkles April 18, 2013
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A world-famous internet-styled queen of internet junk!! Yay!!!!
Person 1: It's Teejsparkles. She is from urbandictionary.com and I love dictionaries about herself.
Person 2: I wish she could go to her internet scraps and other kind of internet junk.
Person 1: You sure know that. Teejsparkles has OTIJ (Originally Totally Internet Junk).

Sally: I found it at urbandictionary.com and she is Teejsparkles!
Robert: Teejsparkles?
Sally: Yeah. She is a famous internet queen from the urban dictionary website!
Robert: I sure know that.
Sally: You sure do that.
Elsie: I know her. She is a internet account in urban dictionary and I happened to call her Teejsparkles, a account.
Robert: Cool.
by NobleShanell April 18, 2013
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