1) Obvious: Guitarist from the 70's

2) Slang for pot weed marijuana. Derived from the word nugget which is slang for high grade pot. Used in written, emailed or spoken conversation to avoid detection. Also, concert tickets are usually 50 bucks, so it makes it convenient for drug dealing slang.
Hey bro, did you get that Ted Nugent ticket for me?

Yeah, it's $50. Just swing on by and pick it up.
by Lou Stenspayce December 14, 2003
Oh lighten up. Ted Nugent is a guitar master who happens to run a militia, that's all.
You can't grill it 'till you kill it.
by Shawn E. April 21, 2003
A guitar God who never did drugs or alcohol, although he got more ass than a toilet seat. He has a different point of view than most rock musicians, as he is entitled to. His songs own, and anybody who criticizes him obviously hasn't heard much of his work
Ted Nugent rebels against the rock mainstream
by Dillon Farnum June 21, 2005
A talented, patriotic, and quite funny rock guitarist. Should run for President of the US.
by Da Dude October 17, 2003
Used in place of the word awesome.
"This burger is fucking Ted Nugent!"

Dealer-"You have Blackjack" Player- "Ted Nugent!!"
by Region Rat April 30, 2010
A guitar god from the late 60's/70's, not especially popular with today's kids but easily owns Hendrix/Clapton/Page when it comes to playing skill. He still plays live shows and kicks ass at ~50 years old.
"What does it take to play guitar with your teeth? It takes a complete idiot." - nugent in an interview
by toast June 29, 2004
Oh my Ted Nugent... What the hell were you thinking?
by larshoneytoast November 03, 2008

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