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1.) Gen. Sherman's middle name.
2.) The great Shawnee leader who rose to power to lead the Native tribes of the Old Northwest (Midwest today)against continued pressure by the Army, frontiersmen, and new settlers. He is most well-known for his efforts during the War of 1812, in which he fought a series of engagements with the US Army in battles such as The Thames in Canada. He was eventually killed in 1813, and was a martyr to many Native Americans.
General William Tecumseh Sherman was from Ohio; the Great Shawnee tribal leader Tecumseh was from Ohio, too.
by Proud Native October 25, 2004
A place in southern Ontario, just outside Windsor, where anyone male not wearing a shirt in the summer is a homo.
Instead of saying "that guy is a homo" say "that guy is Tecumseh" he will never know what you are saying.
by OneQwkStang February 07, 2009
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