Loads of techy jargon that only one or two people in/on a channel/chatroom/forum understand.

I just made it up as I felt we needed something to define this.
IRC extract, understandable, but it's pretty techy and there was lots more.

<XXXXX> so do I do truffserv1,2,3,4 for the first ip?

<XXXXX> first box*

<*****> and all the games are visible from each address, or different games on different addresses?

<XXXXX> different games on different addressess

<*****> depends how the games are set up. i.e. if they are bound to seperate addresses..

<*****> right

<*****> so you need to make an actual name for each IP address, then aliases for each game, pointing to the name that points to the IP address.

<XXXXX> ok

<-- ###### has quit (Ping timeout)

<*****> you *can* point each gamename to an IP address, but should the IP address need to be changed, you will have more work on your hands.

<*****> as /all/ hostname/IP pairs will need to be changed, rather than leaving the cnames and just changing the real ones.
by Jim April 16, 2004
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