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The BEST Fuckin Rapper EVER!!!!!!! And FUCK All You Bitch Ass Haters
by AzMattAz August 31, 2003
354 89
Tech N9ne / Tecca Nina / Aaron Yates

Currently the best rapper in the game. The man who needs to release his album Everready: The Religion because I cant wait any longer.
Even the babies know tecca ninas got crazy flow!

-Tech n9ne.
by Junket April 08, 2006
341 81
fuck adamm! tech n9ne is the sickest rapper right now. PERIOD! never once heard him on the radio. sick beats, deep bass. 36 is coo, but tech makes them sound like barney sing a longs
even the babies know technina got crazy flow
by dumb white kid September 15, 2003
295 53
tech n9ne is a beast rapper from kansas city
he has an incredible flow and pretty unique beats
here comes tecca nina
by niggasense February 27, 2005
234 27
The sickest lyracis out and there is nobody who can see that cat right now.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
250 71
1.a kansas city missouri based rapper.
2.nine is the number of completion:nine months of pregnancy,nine live,360(3+6+0=9)
watch out cuz' here comes techanina, no doubt cuz' her comes techanina
by girl from kcmo January 07, 2004
256 82
Tech N9ne is a hip hop artist from Kansas City. His lyrics are one of a kind, most songs are very darkish. He likes to describe himself as a dying angel, and devil's friend. His artist name Tech N9ne : nine is the number of completion - nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation 3+6+0=9). Tec 9 is also a machine gun, and tech stands for technique.
Trapped in a psychos body by tech n9ne:
Don't you come near me cause the devils sittin' next to me
I drink my drink and smoke my weed and pop my extacy
If you can hear me, I need help I'm caught and
I'm stuck and I'm trapped in me self don't understand
If he wants to kill himself what the fuck you
Think he wanna do to you?
by OllieKickFlip April 24, 2006
237 83