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When someone seems to have a serious lack of understanding with anything that either plugs into a power socket or runs on batteries. Mainly Computers and Cell Phones
Ex: 1

Son: Hey Ma, Can you check the movie times I'm gonna try and get a quick shower.
Mom: Uhh, How do I do that again?
Son: Go to "Moviefone" and type in Jonah Hex.
Mom: I got some porn site
Son: Goddammit ma, why are you so Tech Retarded?

Ex: 2

Big D: Hey man, Do you have Bre's number?
Big C: I think so, How do I pull it up?
Big D: What you never put someones number in your phone before?
Big C: I always just let them do it.
Big D: It's in contacts you Tech Retarded Son of a Bitch!
by Lead Fist June 30, 2010
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