The title given to the Asian guy you work with who is responsible for fixing the computer problems of his incompetent coworkers even though it isn't in his job description.
Damnit this printer won't print...TECH NINJA...I need your help.
by Incompetent non-Asian coworker November 01, 2012
Top Definition
A person who can use anything to fix almost anything. But lacks the formal training to be called a technician.
Hey man my battery went dead on my car. Oh its cool ill fix it, I'm a techninja!!!
by jasoueax respoueaxon April 29, 2009
The most awesome position to be in all of Theatre. They run the whole show, controlling lights, sound, and the stage crew. The are invisible to the public but a major influence to the cast.
I love being a Tech Ninja! :)
by techieninja February 27, 2010
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