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An affectionate gesture whereby one sends a digital picture of a cup of tea or coffee to a friend or loved one for the purpose of expressing that one wishes the other person was present.
Me: Hey, I just got a teaxt from Annie!
Friend: Are you two always teaxting?
Me: We tend to only teaxt only when one or both of us are out of town.
#tea #chai #friends #flirting #text #texting #sexting #coffee
by Godfather78 September 08, 2014
A less intense version of sexting. Actions are only implied, and emoticons are often used to convey a sense of mystery. Derived from tease + text. Teaxting is generally considered to be extremely obnoxious and tends to drive guys ridiculously insane.
Guy: hey whatsup?
Girl: i think you know ;)
Guy: SERIOUSLY? are you really teaxting me right now
Girl: no, but i know what i'd LOVE to be doing right now ;)
#sexting #tease #teasing #flirting #cock tease
by the amanda show January 23, 2011
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