A bacteria that grows in the rectum which turns all the farts that come out into super-smelly farts. This revolting bacteria is really fucking obnoxious, and is definitely NOT a legit political ideology.
Jim: I think there's something in my ass.
Jane: Is it a turd?
Jim: No, it's definitely dumber than a turd.
Jane: Well your farts have been pretty nasty. Maybe you got some Michele Bachmann up in that ass?
Jim: I don't know if it's MB herself, but for sure some kind of Teavangelical.
by HNDA September 24, 2011
Top Definition
A Tea Party member, specifically those who campaign or claim to be for economic reforms and then push conservative, evangelical social issues.
Michele Bachmann is a Teavangelical.
by SaltcityboyFromTheSaltCity July 16, 2011
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