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Perhaps THE most underrated male vocalist of all-time, Roland Orzabal is one of the two founding members of the stupendous "New Wave/Pop-Rock" band Tears For Fears, along with Curt Smith. Tears For Fears made such hits as "Mad World," "Shout," "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," and "Sowing the Seeds of Love," as any 80's music fan knows.

What people may not know is that Mr. Orzabal continued to kick ass as Tears For Fears after Curt Smith's departure in 1991, with the albums "Elemental" (1993), "Raoul and the Kings of Spain" (1995), and the B-side collection album "Saturnine, Martial & Lunatic" (1996), all of which feature Orzabal's stupendous vocal range and criminally underrated guitar-playing.

Mr. Orzabal followed these up with a badass Electronic album, "Tomcats Screaming Outside" (2001), before reuniting with Curt Smith, and releasing yet another masterpiece "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending" (2004) as Tears For Fears, with Orzabal's signature wide-range vocals throughout.

30 years in the business, and lots of people still don't know who Roland Orzabal is. Now you know.
Person 1: "Roland Orzabal has to be in the Top 10 singers of all time."

Person 2: "Who the hell is Roland Orzabal?"

Person 1: "The dude from Tears For Fears."

Person 2: "Aren't there 2 dudes in Tears For Fears?"

Person 1: "Yeah, he's the one that kept the name going in the 90's."

Person 2: "Tears For Fears was around in the 90's?"

Person 1: "How do you know there were 2 dudes in Tears For Fears and not know they were around in the 90's?"
by Dr. Spartacus January 17, 2012
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