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The most loyal group of Chris Brown supporters.They are a family and they the best team than any other artist out there.They have been Chris Brown supporters since day one & never stopped.Stand by Chris Brown no matter what.Buys all Chris albums.itunes.votes and watches all his videos dvds movies interviews & downloads mixtapes attend all concerts.Always knows whats the whats up with Chris.They dont care what the media says they love Chris Brown.
The winner of the BET AWARDS FANDEMONIUM CHALLENGE are TeamBreezy

#TeamBreezy is the #1 TT on Twitter
#best #team #support #loyal #breezy
by baybeedoll July 25, 2010
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A group of Chris Brown supporters who stand behind said person no matter what. They do not care if Chris Brown beats up a woman, incites violence and runs people over. TeamBreezy has the same level of introspection as the person they adore; that is to say, zero. TeamBreezy's members and their woman-beating Messiah like to decide when Chris Brown has suffered enough for committing atrociously violent acts. The members of TeamBreezy are most likely in abusive relationships themselves.
TeamBreezy member #1: Hey, did you hear Chris Brown was arrested for a quintiple homicide? The whole thing was caught on video. No denying he did it.

TeamBreezy member #2: Yeah. But you know, I immediately went on twitter and declared my unconditional support for him anyways. Actually, think I like him even better after he murdered five people. It's like the animosity against him makes me want to defend him even more; like, there's something good in him that is even more precious after he's done something so terrible...

TeamBreezy member #1: True dat! TeamBreezy 4 lyfe! Or until he kill me!
#team #support #therapy #sadfacts #cults
by BreamTeezy October 28, 2013
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